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Ash Howes

Ash Howes

Mixer/ Producer/Writer - Ash started work at Roxy Music's Gallery studio back in 1988 as assistant engineer, then went on to work at The Church with Dave Stewart on Shakespeare Sister, Alisha's Attic and Texas. With nearly twenty years experience under his belt he is continuing to enjoy success as one of the countries finest mix engineers, delivering radio mixes for a wide range of artists and labels.

Martin Harrington

Biffco publishing prides itself on selectively sourcing talented songwriters, therefore constantly building our extensive catalogue of songs. Past writers signed to Biffco Publishing include:

Dave Morgan
Co Writer - Kylie Minogue - "Loving Days"
Co writer - Emma Bunton "What Took You So Long"
Co writer - Sarah Whatmore " Automatic" / "Real Man" / "Living Proof"
Co writer - Westlife - "Don't Let Me Go"
Co Writer - Joanna Zimmer - "Dont Weigh Me Down"
Co Writer - Gabrielle - "Give & Take" / "Stay The Same" / "You Used To Love Me"
Co Writer - Bellefire - "Don't Let Me Down"

Mista Dexter:
Co Writer - Five - "Inspector Gadget" / "Mr Z" / "Battlestar"

Fernando Garibay